In Our Society, Silky Smooth, Hair Free Skin Is Highly Desired Laser Hair Removal Is The Safest, Most Effective Method

And some of the benefits of laser hair removal go way beyond looks

For some of our clients, while they have achieved fantastic results in hair reduction and removal, it is the psychological benefits that have shone the brightest.
Those who felt trapped in their homes, unwilling to socialise or go to the beach due to excessive hair on their face, legs, back, chest and bikini line,
now feel confident enough to take on Bondi, Noosa or Surfers Paradise.

Medical grade laser hair removal has emerged as the most trusted method to remove or reduce unwanted hair for both men and women. It is ideal for use on any part of the body: face - including upper lip, beards, chin and neck, shoulder, chest, back, arms and underarms, stomach area, bikini line hair removal, pubic area and buttocks legs.

Needs And Fashions Change – Even In Body Hair
Though there are societies and cultures that regard body hair as attractive and desirable, in Australia this is no longer the case. These days, the sight of smooth, sleek skin on women and smooth, sculptured muscles on men is more desirable with the added benefits of reduced sweating and general body odour.

For ladies, the soft, clean feel of hair free underarms and bikini line, and even the result of a Brazilian laser treatment, is both hygienic and sensual.

For men of European heritage, even for those whose ancestors have lived in Australia for generations, excess body hair that was useful in the colder northern winters may still persist. Thick body hair on both the chest and back is no longer the positive protection it was in centuries past, but is now an unwanted inconvenience in our heat and humidity.
Hair removal for men, or at least controlling excessive hair, is now desirable not only for personal appearance but also personal hygiene.

How Do Medical Grade Hair Removal Lasers Work?
Laser hair removal uses only one frequency, which is attracted to the dark pigment of the hair follicle. This is why laser treatment is most effective with fairer skins with dark hair. However, because of the pinpoint accuracy in true, medical grade hair removal lasers, even those with black hair and dark skin can be successfully treated, though it may take a few more treatments.
Unfortunately, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines have been touted as the same as true lasers. IPLs emit a broad light spectrum, which is less focussed and therefore less effective, and brings with it a range of potential side effects.

True lasers provide the most effective and permanent hair reduction, and even then we can only guarantee a permanent reduction of between 70% to 90%. Also, an individual’s skin and hair colour, and their hormonal balance, can affect the final outcome, so don’t be fooled by those who guarantee absolute permanent hair removal.
Be assured, Laser By Sia use only FDA approved, medical grade lasers. Please feel free to contact us, and our warm and caring staff will be happy to fully explain all procedures

By: Michelle Dankin
Michelle Dankin is Marketing Manager at LaserBySia hair removal clinic, Sydney. LaserBySia use advanced laser hair removal technology resulting in safe, cost effective & permanent removal of unwanted hair.
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