Basic Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser hair removal is being seen as the latest in permanent hair removal. It is also advertised as an alternative to constantly shaving and waving your legs and other areas of the body. It certainly has advantages but you should be aware of laser hair removal facts before jumping in.

Not everyone who offers laser hair removal services is qualified or skilled enough to do so. It is also not a miracle cure all that some advertising claims make it out to be. You need to treat any claims given by salons and beauty centers with caution and scepticism.

How it Works

Laser hair removal works very simply. A handheld device that looks very much like the one used in ultrasounds is held above the skin. Light at a specific wavelength is delivered from the device and seeks any dark material.

This is usually the pigment in hairs. Because of the nature of the treatment it is one of the laser hair removal facts that gray, blond, and red hair cannot be targeted with a laser. The pigments are non existent or too light for the treatment. For this treatment to be successful your skin should also be light colored.


Laser hair removal facts prove that this method can be very satisfactory to consumers when it is performed by the right people. An unskilled and untrained person can give you disappointing results.

The advantage of using this method is that regrowth is often lighter and of a finer texture than the original hair. An advantage that other hair removal methods do not always provide. It can also be done fairly quickly and over relatively large areas of hair like the backs of legs.


Laser hair removal information stresses the importance of finding someone qualified to perform the procedure. This is because when done improperly the side effects can be quite serious. There is a possibility of causing burns, lesions, and skin discoloration that looks patchy.

Some people find this procedure quite painful, which is another disadvantage. Laser hair removal facts are not comprehensive enough, and studies have not been carried out to determine the long term effects of the treatment. Although tissue surrounding a hair follicle is not supposed to be affected, there is insufficient date to totally prove this.

This procedure is seen as a cosmetic one by many states and you should check how your state regulates the procedure. Check that whatever facility you intend to go to check out with all the laser hair removal facts you have. It should not make quack claims about totally permanent hair removal.

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Behind the Scenes of Cheap Laser Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal is expensive, cheap laser hair removal is not always the best option. It is critical that the technician that performs your laser hair removal is properly trained and holds expertise in laser hair removal. With laser hair removal's popularity on the rise, laser hair removal clinics are opening nationwide. With the sell of lasers not limited to professionals only, and the companies that sell lasers only requiring the buyers to attended a three hour session on how to use the product they are selling it enables just about anyone to open a laser hair removal clinic without attending school. In addition, this allows inexperienced people to administer laser hair removal which just isn't safe.

Why is Cheap Not Always the Best Bet?
People who have not gone to school will often be able to afford to perform cheap laser hair removal opposed to those who have paid to attend school and trainings to properly learn how to administer laser hair removal. Using an inexperienced technicians because of it is less inexpensive is not a good enough reason to put your health at risk. Experienced technicians know what lasers to use with what skin types, seeing as lasers can damage skin that's another cheap laser hair removal may not always be all it seems. Also some health risks proposed by laser hair removal can be incomplete hair removal or growth, which means some hair may be resistant laser treatment or many grow back after treatment, darkening of the skin or hyper pigmentation, which is usually temporary and is rarely long lasting or permanent, lightening of the skin also known as hypo pigmentation, which is a special concern with people that have a darker complication, rarely blistering, scaring, changes in skin texture, crusting and scabbing can occur. Hair changes can also occur such as new hair growth can be finer or lighter, but that can simply be treated with additional laser treatments.

Also the larger the body area of the unwanted hair removal the larger the emissions from the laser and the greater the risks of health problems, with this being said full body laser hair removal by a cheap laser hair removal clinic that is inexperienced is not a safe idea. To prepare and try to avoid a bad cheap laser hair removal experience you should ask your laser technicians questions about conditions you have or have had, take photographs from various angels of the areas you want treated before hand and during the process, you should also discuss your expectations, benefits, and risks of laser hair removal with your laser technicians, and last but not least you should defiantly question your laser technicians experience and training to be sure that they are fully equipped to give you the best possible laser hair experience possible.


Finding a laser hair removal clinic

You want to take proper precautions when searching for a laser hair removal clinic. Some may believe if the clinic offers the procedure, they must know what they are doing. This is not always the case at all.

You want to be sure the practitioner is highly qualified to perform laser hair removal. Having an unqualified one could result in an improper procedure and an unhappy client; you.

If you think you have found a great place after only checking out one or two, look again. You want to have as many options to choose from. You want to do the extensive research of places like you would for a doctor.

After you do the research, visit the places most appealing to you. Find out if they give free consultations. Have questions ready when visiting a laser hair removal clinic. Ask them any and all questions you might have. Remember, no question is dumb!

Knowing the types of lasers they use is beneficial to you. The more you study about the lasers the more you will understand how the procedure works. Find out how long the practitioner has been in practice for laser hair removal. How many procedures has he done?

You can find a clinic using your local yellow pages or doing a search online. IF you do not mind traveling to a clinic, you could do an extensive search. You might find one you prefer the most at a location other than your own town.

When visiting a laser hair removal clinic, remember to take notes on your surroundings. Do they keep the place in clean condition? Are the people helpful and friendly? Go with your instincts on the way the place in general makes you feel. You want a clinic that you are comfortable being in. Also ask to meet the laser hair removal practitioner if possible.

If not, ask if they offer free consultations. If they do, make an appointment to meet with the practitioner. Laser hair removal is something to be carefully considered just like any other similar procedure.

Think of any questions you can before you have your consultation. Write them down in case your practitioner does not cover them all with you during your consultation. Find out how much it is going to cost you, how many sessions you are going to have. Also ask what type of side effects you could experience.

Depending on the patient having laser hair removal done and the area they choose, the side effects could easily differ. Just knowing what you might expect will make you feel more comfortable. Ask about the procedure and how it works. Can you expect to feel much pain?

How many times have they performed laser hair removal? How effective have the results been? What kind of lasers do they use? No question is too dumb when it comes to laser hair removal. You want to know all you can before proceeding with a laser hair removal treatment.

Seven Things about Laser Hair Removal

FDA approved since 1995, Laser Hair Removal has improved the quality of life of thousands, especially female with male pattern hair growth. Removal of unwanted hair by laser is a major advance over treatment such as electrolysis. It has brought hope to several individuals with hair growth in areas where they cause embarrassment. There are certain things you should know about this form of treatment. Some are listed below.

1. What is Laser Hair Removal? It is a laser beam targeted at the hair follicle. The high intensity ray of light gives off heat energy. The laser tracts along the hair shaft, heating it and leading to thermal damage to the follicle while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. The effectiveness of this treatment depends on the concentration of melanin in the hair. It is more effective in dark hair, less effective in brown or ginger hair and will not work on white, grey or platinum blonde hair. As the laser travels along the hair shaft, there must be hair present. It is, therefore, not recommended to pluck unwanted hair before treatment. Similarly since laser hair removal works on the melanin level, dark skin or tanned skin need special treatment.

2. Cost depends on the size of the area that needs treatment. The larger the area, the greater the cost. In the USA, the average cost per session is $450 and in the UK, the cost may vary from £45 to £450. Treatment may be for several sessions in a year because hair will re-grow. The re-growth, however, will be slower and the hair thinner. Mr. David Gault, Plastic Surgeon, reported 80% reduction of upper lip hair growth after 6 months.

3. What you should find out: Make sure you know as much as you can about Laser Hair Removal. Choose a clinic that offers free consultation so that you can assess suitability and what is on offer. Find out before hand how much it will cost you. Make sure you know whether a medical practitioner will be on the premises during your treatment. Check that your assigned therapist is suitably qualified and experienced.

4. How safe: Laser is a pure high beam light. It does not cause cancer. It only penetrates up to the dermis of the skin. It is dangerous to the eyesight. You will probably use goggles to protect your eyes during treatment. The skin can be darkened by laser because of the melanin concentration. Too much exposure can leave the skin with paler patches that slowly fades away. Over heating can cause blistering and rarely scarring especially in darker skin and people with recent tans. The paler you are before treatment the safer and better the treatment.

You should not have laser hair removal if you are sensitive to light or have any infection on the area to be treated. You should not have treatment if you had isotretinoin as acne treatment in the last year.

5. Is Hair removal permanent? Laser hair removal and electrolysis are considered the only permanent hair removal treatment. Although laser hair treatment is promoted as permanent by the industry, this is not strictly the case. It cannot stop the unwanted hair from re-growing. It will, however, slow the re-growth so that it can take several months or years. The re-growth will consist of thinner hair.

6. What happens during treatment? Depending on the types of laser beam system and the area to be treated, you may be required to wear goggles. Laser hair removal treatment can cause stinging or the area may tingle. The time taken for a session depends on the size of the area and can last between 15 and 45 minutes. The area concerned will be treated roughly once a month for between two and eight months. Not all lasers are the same and results may vary with different systems. Before you embark on Laser hair removal, make sure you do your homework.

7. What types of Laser Hair Removal are available? There are various types available. The Ruby Laser is the oldest. It is not suitable for dark skinned or tanned people and only covers a small area. The Alexandrite Laser is the fastest laser available. It is used on light to olive complexion. It is the most popular type because it can cover large areas of the body. The Diode Laser works better for dark skin and is not as effective in lighter skin. It is fast and covers large areas during treatment. The Long Pulse Nd:Yag Laser can be used on all skin types. It is fast and covers large areas. Patients, however, tend to experience more discomfort during treatment. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is not really Laser but will have the same effect as laser on the hair follicles. It is more difficult to use and needs greater skill.

by: Dr. Phil Hariram

Laser Hair Removal - FAQ?

If you have been looking for permanent hair removal, laser hair removal may sound very enticing. However, although you've probably seen this technology heavily advertised, little is known about how it works. Here are some things you should know before you decide whether or not laser hair removal is right for you.

1. What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure in which hair is removed from the body using a long pulse laser. Light at a specified wavelength is delivered from a handpiece into the skin. The laser targets dark material, which is usually the pigment in the hair. The laser then disables hairs that are in their growth cycle at the time of treatment. Because other hairs will enter their growth cycle at different times, several treatments are necessary for optimal results.

2. What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Many patients have experienced long-lasting hair removal or permanent hair reduction due to their treatments. Although laser hair removal can be very effective, you should expect some re-growth. However, many patients have indicated that hair regrowth is often lighter in color or finer in texture.

3. Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal. It works best on people with light skin and dark, coarse hair. However, if you do not have this exact skin type, don't give up hope. Visit a couple of clinics and see what they have to say. Technology is quickly advancing and many lasers are now able to work with a variety of skin types. For example, the Alexandrite long pulse and diode types of lasers work best on light-colored skin, while ND:YAG long pulse lasers work better on darker skin. It is best to consult a certified laser hair removal technician to see what options are available to you.

4. Is laser hair removal permanent?

Many people think that laser hair removal is a permanent solution. However, this simply isn't true. Some re-growth is natural and expected. You shouldn't expect laser hair removal to remove every single hair from an area. However, it can make significant reductions.

A set of at least 6-8 treatments is often necessary to achieve significant hair removal. Many factors come into play here, including the size of the area being treated, the texture of the hair, skin type, and the frequency of treatments. After your treatments, you will probably also want to do some touch-up treatments to maintain smooth skin.

5. Are the treatments painful?

You will often find claims that laser hair removal is painless but this is not true. Laser hair removal is very tolerable, but not painless. Many people compare it to being snapped with a rubber band. Everyone has different pain tolerance, but generally laser hair removal is not much more painful than waxing. It’s just different.

6. I s laser hair removal right for me?

In order to make the best decision for you, it is important to get multiple opinions. Find a reputable clinic with a doctor that is experienced. Laser hair removal treatments must be individualized for each person. Because of this, you will need to find a clinic that is professional and has a trained, caring staff that is dedicated to getting you optimal results.

By: Alli Ross

In Our Society, Silky Smooth, Hair Free Skin Is Highly Desired Laser Hair Removal Is The Safest, Most Effective Method

And some of the benefits of laser hair removal go way beyond looks

For some of our clients, while they have achieved fantastic results in hair reduction and removal, it is the psychological benefits that have shone the brightest.
Those who felt trapped in their homes, unwilling to socialise or go to the beach due to excessive hair on their face, legs, back, chest and bikini line,
now feel confident enough to take on Bondi, Noosa or Surfers Paradise.

Medical grade laser hair removal has emerged as the most trusted method to remove or reduce unwanted hair for both men and women. It is ideal for use on any part of the body: face - including upper lip, beards, chin and neck, shoulder, chest, back, arms and underarms, stomach area, bikini line hair removal, pubic area and buttocks legs.

Needs And Fashions Change – Even In Body Hair
Though there are societies and cultures that regard body hair as attractive and desirable, in Australia this is no longer the case. These days, the sight of smooth, sleek skin on women and smooth, sculptured muscles on men is more desirable with the added benefits of reduced sweating and general body odour.

For ladies, the soft, clean feel of hair free underarms and bikini line, and even the result of a Brazilian laser treatment, is both hygienic and sensual.

For men of European heritage, even for those whose ancestors have lived in Australia for generations, excess body hair that was useful in the colder northern winters may still persist. Thick body hair on both the chest and back is no longer the positive protection it was in centuries past, but is now an unwanted inconvenience in our heat and humidity.
Hair removal for men, or at least controlling excessive hair, is now desirable not only for personal appearance but also personal hygiene.

How Do Medical Grade Hair Removal Lasers Work?
Laser hair removal uses only one frequency, which is attracted to the dark pigment of the hair follicle. This is why laser treatment is most effective with fairer skins with dark hair. However, because of the pinpoint accuracy in true, medical grade hair removal lasers, even those with black hair and dark skin can be successfully treated, though it may take a few more treatments.
Unfortunately, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines have been touted as the same as true lasers. IPLs emit a broad light spectrum, which is less focussed and therefore less effective, and brings with it a range of potential side effects.

True lasers provide the most effective and permanent hair reduction, and even then we can only guarantee a permanent reduction of between 70% to 90%. Also, an individual’s skin and hair colour, and their hormonal balance, can affect the final outcome, so don’t be fooled by those who guarantee absolute permanent hair removal.
Be assured, Laser By Sia use only FDA approved, medical grade lasers. Please feel free to contact us, and our warm and caring staff will be happy to fully explain all procedures

By: Michelle Dankin
Michelle Dankin is Marketing Manager at LaserBySia hair removal clinic, Sydney. LaserBySia use advanced laser hair removal technology resulting in safe, cost effective & permanent removal of unwanted hair.
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Laser Removal For Leg Hair

For some people, having an perfect leg also important to get their self confidence, that’s why laser removal also introduce a treatment to remove unwanted leg hair, that’s “Laser Removal for Leg hair”.Way To Go

Some women shave their leg hair everyday, other use depilatory cream or do waxing. After countless dollar and hour they spend, they only
get a temporary result, and can’t really satisfy their wants. Some men also do this if they feel their leg hair is too coarse, dark or other aesthetic or healthy reason.

That’s why the popularity of laser leg hair removal continues to grow, beside the efficacy, laser removal is also safety to do, and you can do it quickly. The laser leg hair treatments will make the leg hair thinner, finer and less noticeable.

The cost of laser removal for leg hair is vary from person to person, it’s according to your skin pattern, hair color, skin color, etc (you can see “Final Laser Hair Cost” for more information). Laser removal is not only for leg area, but almost all part of human body, including for feet and toes even if you have a sensitive skin. Great

Laser removal is the best choice if you have some problems with your unwanted hair specially for leg hair, just follow the simple procedures, then laser leg removal will remove your leg hair and leave the skin feeling smooth and hair free for along time.

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Laser Removal For Underarm Hair

Today underarm laser hair removal is the best choice, because they’re many advantages to do laser removal for underarm or armpit hair than other methods.

About 98% of women always remove their leg and underarm hairs. Some of them do this daily, because the underarm hair growth faster than other areas of the body. The easiest and most popular way to remove armpit hair is saving. But this method
have many weakness, such as you must do this routine everyday and it also can cause irritation for your skin so sometimes it can cause a darker skin for the armpit area. Hear, See, Speak No Evil

Some women use depilatory cream. But it also for a while, you must do this routine, and need a “big” cost for a long term treatment. They are another method such as waxing, plucking etc, but sometimes beside irritate your skin, they also can cause ingrown hair, damage sensitive skin, and most of them are not give you the best solution to have a permanent, at least a long lasting result to feel free from underarm or armpit hair.

So the best solution is using laser removal for armpit hair. Why??? Hmm

Besides offer a long lasting result, safe and quick to do (because armpit is a small area), laser removal for underarm hair can also treat ingrown hair, even for darker armpit skin problem. Laser removal for underarm hair treatment can make your armpit free from embarrassing hair, and leave a smooth and clean armpit skin.

Other benefit of laser removal for armpit hair is the fastest procedures in laser therapy, sometimes requiring only several minutes of treatment time, and you can choose laser with cooling device. You can also use some cream so you won’t fell much pain and discomfort for the treatment process.

Laser underarm hair removal cost about $ 50 to $150, but it vary form person to person, according to the unique of their skin and hair. It only needs a several treatment (about 4-6 treatment). After that you can feel free from armpit hair and get back your self confidence to wear anything you like specially for summer day… SAY WELCOME TO SUMMER!!!

Weekend BBQ In The Pool Beach Picnic Tanny

Laser Removal For Facial Hair

Laser hair removal has become a popular way for cosmetic procedure on the market today. If you have problem with facial hair, you can try Laser Removal for Facial Hair because Laser facial hair removal is a great solution for both men and women who deal with unwanted facial hair on a daily basis.

Remove facial hair reasons

For women

About 20 million women in the United States remove their unwanted facial hair routine for every week, especially for women with black hair. They do this because feel embarrassing and lose self confidence because having “a mask” on their face. Shy Girl

Some women do shaving, bleaching, Waxing, plucking, tweezing and even use depilatory cream on their face daily or weekly to remove unwanted hair from areas like the chin, cheeks, upper lip and in between the eyes. But all that methods only have a temporary effect. This is not a good solution for the hairs! Even sometimes the new growth-hair becomes more coarse and visible. So, some women become stress and feel wasting time with this routine activity. Pulling My Hair Out

But please calm down, take it easy! The improvement of technology makes it become an easy solving problem. You can try laser removal for facial hair. It’s a very simple, easy, quick, safety and has a long lasting result! ;)

You know, it’s easier to remove facial hair than other hair from our body, because facial hair has a finer and thinner texture. So, do you feel interest with laser removal for your unwanted facial hair??? :)

For men

The most popular way to remove unwanted hair from men’s faces is shaving. This method has become a “tradition or habit” for most of the men, although they know they must do it daily because it can quickly become a hassle and an annoyance. Shy

Laser removal for facial hair is a great alternative method that can help them solve this problem. It can quickly reduce and remove men’s unwanted hairs from their faces, such as remove beard from cheeks to neck to achieve the great hairless performance with no razor burn or ingrown hairs on the face. Facial laser removal is very effective and safety for removing ingrown hairs from bearded areas while other methods can cause some irritation to the hair follicles (waxing and depilatory cream), and may cause skin discoloration and scarring (electrolysis).

Facial laser removal areas

Laser removal for facial hair can be used on almost all part of face except area inside the nostril and inside the ear. For women the most popular area for facial laser removal is upper lip hair, chin hair, and cheek hair. The newest area is eyebrow hair (uni-brow) that is to shape or keep the eyebrow separated. For men the most popular is from cheeks to neck areas.

Why Does Laser facial removal?

Laser facial removal is the most effective way to reduce and remove unwanted facial hair. It’s a safety, quick, and an easy method. Beside that, the cost of laser removal for facial hair is the most reasonable if compare with series treatment and monthly maintenance cost of waxing, the continuous cost add up cost for depilatory creams, cost for electrolysis sessions needed and even time that waste for each methods (see also “
Final Laser Hair Cost”). Laser removal for facial hair is only performed for about 15 minutes, and only need a several treatment sessions to get a long lasting result, so this is the easiest way to remove facial hair, and leave the smooth hair free skin. This is the reason why you must choose laser hair removal. Great

Laser Removal For Back Hair

Nowadays Laser hair removal is a popular hair removal method because the efficacy to get the best result. As we know laser hair removal can be used for almost every part of the body, including back hair. Back hair usually becomes a big problem for some men for many reasons.

Remove back hair reason

Why do men want to remove their back hair???

For some men, back hair may become an aesthetic part from their body, but the other want to remove their back hair because they lose their self confidence and feel embarrassing with back hair problems. Bag Head

For health reason, coarse back hair may cause irritated skin, itchy, and they may feel uncomfortable when it associated with their sweating. Some men want to show their back because they have a great physical with muscle tone, so they remove their back hair. Another want to remove back hair to show their back tattoos, or some men feel they get more aesthetic body part with no back hair!

Whether men want to remove all or just reduce the amount of their back hair, they can use laser back hair removal to get the best result.

Remove back Hair Problem

Why do remove back hairs become a big problem?

Of course, if you do with shaving, waxing, or using depilatory cream, while some of these methods need to be used daily, weekly etc, another can be extremely painful or even irritating your skin and cause pigmentation of the skin. Dismay


Can you do or apply it your self for your own back??? Or may be you need an assistant to help you continuously Goofy

So, have any solutions for this??? The Thinker

Of course! If you have back hair problem, you can try Laser back hair removal. This method is less painful than waxing and more efficient than shaving or depilatories and the most important is: it has a long lasting result!!!! Way Too Happy

Laser back process and treatment

Number of treatment that are required for laser back hair removal are vary from patient to patient, there are many factor that influence the number of treatment, such as large area, skin condition, skin type, pattern of the skin etc, sometimes for full back hairs need about 8 treatments sessions, but you can make a consultation first with your doctor to get an idea for this and also discuss about the cost (you can also see “
Laser Hair Removal Preparation Tips” and “Final Laser Hair Cost”). In this case you need a several treatment to get the hair totally eliminated.

Usually the process of laser back hair treatment needs more times than other part of body, because it’s a larger area. Laser hair removal process is less painful than waxing, when the process is begin, laser beam passes through your skin, destroy the hair follicle to growth (where the hair growth originates). In this time, you may feel a stinging sensation or vaporization of the hair shaft. (For full information you can also see “
Laser Hair Final Process”).

Procedures and Efficacy of laser back hair removal

Laser back hair removal procedures are easy, safe, quick and effective to reduce the thickness and density of back hair or even to remove all the back hair and leave the skin feeling smooth and hair free.

There are many laser devices that can be used to remove unwanted back hair. This device will be chosen according to patient’s type of skin, hair color, thickness and density, etc. (See also “
Laser hair Removal Device”). Your doctor will help you to make a good choice that suitable with your back hair condition. You just only follow the procedures and get ready to get the best final result!

Laser Hair Final Process

Laser hair removal is a kind of sensitive activity, so that’s why we need to make sure our doctor or therapist must be available and has a direct supervision when the laser removal process is performed.

Before Laser Hair Removal Process

Before doing laser hair treatment, you must consult with the doctor or therapist who will make an assessment includes your skin type, hair color, location and hair thickness, your medical history including if you are having any medication treatment, if you have tan or tattoo, the doctor will record and help you to find the way out. Sometimes, a before and after photograph are taken to compare. You must also discuss about what your result might be, the risks, and tell the doctor about your expectation form laser removal process.

After that, you doctor will choose the most appropriate laser device, procedure of the process and the treatment for you. Sometimes doctor suggest you to do the pre-treatment process before the real treatment. This pre-treatment process is very easy, you have only to take some oral medications or antibiotic for special case, and tell you about what you must avoid and what you must do. It’s easy, isn’t it? Cool (see also “
Laser hair Removal Preparation Tips”)

Laser Hair Removal Process

Finally the final day has come!!

Please don’t be nervous or too panic, Scared 1 just take it easy Smile

First of all, the treatment area must be clean and don’t use any cosmetics on it. A cooling device on the tip or a cool gel and even a topical anesthetic cream (depending on the type of laser device) is used to protect the skin from excessive heat and the potential of skin darkening or lightening from the laser device, so you will feel comfort. ^_^

You will wearing eyes protective (goggles) to prevent accidental laser light exposure to your eyes during the process, then a doctor or trained assistant actives a hand-held laser instrument to your skin. Laser light passes through your skin, the light beam hits the hair follicle, where the hair growth originates. Laser light with the intense heat will destroys hair follicle to growth. In this time you feel a stinging sensation or feel vaporization of the hair shaft. It requires several treatments (usually three or more treatments) to achieve a long time hair free period.

How long the laser process depends on the size of treatment area. A small area such as the upper lip may take several minutes. A larger area such as the back may require several hours. (see also “
Laser Hair Removal Action”)

After Laser Hair Removal Process

After laser hair process, some redness or slight swelling may occurs on the treatment area for the first few hours. A mild topical steroid cream may be applied to reduce swelling and redness. Stinging may also occur for the first 24 to 48 hours. Some people experience a localized blistering of the skin. If blistering occurs, a topical antibiotic ointment is applied once or twice daily until it healed. Sometimes Ice packs may be applied to the skin following treatment. If crusting occurs, keep the area moist with petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Over-the-counter pain relief medicine may also be taken as needed before and after treatment.

I hope with this ilustration you will feel more confidence to take this treatment, at least it can give you more information for laser hair treatment. I've Got It

Laser Hair Removal Risk

Why does laser hair removal have some risks??
Of course, every activity has some risks, so that’s why we need some planning ( See
“Laser Hair Removal Preparation Tips”) including in using laser treatment to remove unwanted hair.

There are many methods of laser hair removal ( See
“Laser Hair Removal device”). Some of them can cause medical problems, already “expired”, or still in testing phase, and even have very high costs. That’s why you should know and collect some information to seek the advice from a qualified and trained therapist or doctor who is certified in dermatology or similar specialty and the best laser hair clinic that has facility (laser hair machine and device) which is suitable for you.

Complication of laser hair removal is vary from person to person, but they are rare happened if you choose the right therapist/doctor, and do according to the procedure. There are:

  • Sometimes you may feel pain in laser hair removal process
  • Bleeding during the laser process is extremely rare, as is the possibility of infection resulting from laser treatment
  • Swelling around the hair follicle due to excessive fluid (perifollicular edema) is rare after the treatment
  • burning the skin / darkening the skin (hyperpigmentation) is usually a temporary conditions and rare
  • discoloring for dark skin or Lightening of the skin (hypopigmentation – white spot), is a temporary effect
  • Regrowth of the hair after treatment, and some case new hair may be lighter or finer color, it can be treated using additional laser treatment
  • Some acne (bacterial infections) may occur
  • Skin texture changes, but it’s rare
  • redness and inflammation (erythema) may occur, and lasting one to three days
  • Scarring or permanent skin pigment change is very rare
  • Other temporary effect is crusting or scabbing

If one or more of the side effects happen to you, then you must consult and talk to your doctor/therapist as soon as possible. Talking Through

If you are planning to try a laser hair treatment and you read this article, please don’t feel afraid, because all of the side effects will not happen if you have a good planning, choose the right clinic, and do the best procedure. A-ha!

Final Laser Hair Cost

Laser hair cost is vary for person to person. Of course, there are many factors that cause the variation of laser hair removal cost.

First of all, you must know that variation of laser hair treatment is not only from uniqueness of each person, but also from the hair removal clinic. Do they have any connection? Very Confused

Of course!! They influence each other. I've Got It

Let me explain in simple way. Every person has a different type of skin and hair in general. The difference of them, cause the different type of treatment and laser device that used to remove their unwanted hair.

Laser hair cost can be determined according to the uniqueness of each person which can also influence the treatments sessions and laser device, finally, all of them can be determined as the final laser hair cost.

Generally, there are two factors that influence the final laser hair cost:

1. Internal Factors
Internal factor is a variable from your self. This factor is the most important thing and “the basic” that used to determine your laser hair cost

Skin type: for person who has darker skin may need additional treatment, so the laser cost is higher than person who has white skin

Size of Area: the smaller laser treatment area, the lower laser hair cost (such as: upper lip, eyebrows, nose, ears, hips, bikini area, chest, chin, hands, arms etc) and the larger area, cost more (such as: full leg, back, etc)

Hair density: more hair equal to higher cost, because more treatment will be needed for high hair density and less hair equal to lower cost

Hair texture: coarse hair is more difficult to treat than fine or thin hair, so the cost will be higher

Hair growth pattern: erratic hair cost higher than smooth hair or uniform hair, because it may need more treatment

Skin condition: person who has skin problems such as sensitive skin, scars, etc, cost higher than person with normal skin, because it needs extra treatment

2. External Factors:This variable usually depends on the clinic location. Some local clinics may have their own rates for laser hair treatment. If you choose to remove your unwanted hair through a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, you may pay higher for this treatment.

So, before you take and decide which clinic you want to perform your laser treatment, please make sure and even meet the doctor or therapist to find out what their rates and make some consultation first. Talking Through

Even though there are many factor that affect the laser hair cost (internal factor and external factor), but finally there are some methods how laser clinic decide their final laser hair cost (internal and external factor can also influence these methods)

Flat Fee

This method offers you the flat fee for every single treatment or for a complete package of treatment. Sometimes, to determine a cost, they also consider about hair growth pattern. This type of method is suitable for person who has some hair which is difficult to remove or may be “abnormal” hair.

Time/ Per minutes fees

This is a method according to how long the laser treatment times. Usually it charges per 15 minutes each segment. For example, It will cost higher for person who has large hair treatment area or with high hair density because needs more treatment time than person who has small hair treatment area or less hair. Sometimes laser treatment times are also affected by the speed and skill of laser operator and speed of laser device.

Fee per pulse

This method is based on number of pulses (each time laser fires) of laser device during the laser hair process. Each part of body needs a different number of pulses. Usually one pulse takes about one second and can remove approximately 100 hairs. This method is also affected by sizes of laser devices. Sometimes some clinics charge a minimum pulses.

So, every variable have a connection and can affect the final laser hair cost. Laser hair removal pricing structures can vary from clinic to clinic. But no matter how different the clinics charge you for their hair laser removal treatment packages, you must know exactly what do they charge for your hair and what internal factors that affect to them. Huh?

Laser Hair Removal Preparation Tips

Planning and preparation for Laser Hair Treatment is very important. Here are some tips for you or may be the planning if you want to remove unwanted hair using laser hair device:

  • Collect information about Laser Hair removal
  • Seek for the best doctor or therapist who has dermatology certificate or at least in similar specialty
  • Choose clinic that has complete facility to perform laser hair treatment (machine and device)
  • Do not go to a spa, salon or clinic that allows nonmedical personnel to perform the procedure
  • You must meet your doctor and discuss about the procedure and planning for the treatment including the process (or may be you need multiple laser sessions) and maintenance treatment after that and also the variable that response to the treatment
  • Write down your questions or prepare some notes and what the doctor’s answers or the arrangement for that
  • Please make sure that your doctor will be available during the laser process
    If your doctor or therapist need some help, make sure that the assistants have licensed, at list they are trained well to perform the procedure
  • Don’t do waxing, plucking or electrolysis for about three or four weeks before doing laser hair treatment
  • To get the best result, you can shave the day of the process, because one of the factor that influence the efficacy of laser treatment is hair are visible and will be better if it shaved shortly
  • For some people who have a tan, it will be better if you wait until tan fades completely before doing the process (about six weeks). Because the tan will increase risk and side effects (blistering and discoloration)
  • Follow the procedures and what you doctor suggested

So, we must have a good planning (collect information of hair removal, choose the right therapist/doctor/clinic) so the process of activity (using the laser hair device and treatment before and after using laser hair) will have a good result (“Bad, coarse and ugly” hair lose forever!) Or maybe we can say “The Independence Day”???

Jump For Joy

Laser Hair Removal Device

Choosing the best laser to remove unwanted hair means choosing device that is used in laser hair removal process. There are many kinds of laser light system from many manufactures that grow together with the popularity of laser hair treatment.

There are several wavelengths of laser energy or some people say “method of laser hair removal treatment”. Each wavelength represent by type of laser hair system. The laser which is used including visible light to near-infrared radiation defined by the lasing medium that used to create the wavelength (measured in nanometers (nm)). Wavelength is the parameter for the type of laser that can affect the result.

  • The Ruby Laser (694 nm) is the oldest type of laser hair removal and works best for fine and light hair, does not work well on patients with darker or tanned skin. Ruby laser is no longer commonly used because it can only work on relatively small area at a time, not safe on most type of skin and can produces side effects such as pigmentary changes (lightening or darkening of the skin), so it becomes less popular in recent years :( Scared To Death
  • The Alexandrite Laser (755 nm) is the fastest working device and most effective laser type. This type of laser is used when treating large body areas and it works and safety on almost all skin types, specially on light skin. Because of that reason, Alexandrite Laser becomes popular and the most widely used for lasers hair removal system ;)
  • The Diode Laser (810 nm) is most effective laser for dark skinned individuals. It covers a large area fairly quickly, has fast repetition rates and allowing brisk treatment of large body areas. :) But Diode Laser is not works well for lighter and finer hair :(
  • The long pulse Nd:Yag laser (1064 nm) is perfect for all skin types. It’s safely including for patients with darker or tanned skin. Even sometimes for patients whose have darker skin with black hair, this type of laser is suggested to be used together with a cooling tip to get an effective result. Yag laser can treats large areas and fast repetition rates so can treat quickly and also can treat tattoos and pigmented lesions. ;) The weakness is the treatment process is more discomfort for patients. However, still in doubt that this laser can produce effective long-term hair removal :(

There is another device that also uses light to remove hair but not a laser. Intense Pulsed Light Devices (IPL) is almost equivalents with laser hair removal, but this device is more difficult to operate, so if you want to try for this type, please make sure you have already chosen a very skilled and experiences therapist to operate the IPL machine. Screaming

There are various types of lasers on the market today, so it’s best for you to know the different of Laser hair devices before choose the suitable device. You can also consult with your clinic therapist because the cost of laser hair removal is not cheap at all.

So, Collect the best information, choose the right clinic and make the best decisions Ok…Good Luck… ^_^

How Much Laser Hair Spend My Money?

Some people would rather pay the higher cost and spend much money for laser hair removal to get the best result than go back to salon every week for waxing, use depilatory cream or do daily shaving. They feel it wasting their times and it doesn’t have a good result, or if it has a good result, but it doesn’t take along time effect.

Sometimes hairs grow in a place that other people can see and it makes us lost our self confidence. Usually hair removal is used on face, chin, lip, neck, ear lobe, hands, legs, toes, arms, underarm, shoulders, back, chest, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, bikini lines and pubic area, etc.

The cost of laser hair removal is not cheap at all. So before you do that, please make sure your choice for the best hair removal clinic. Although sometimes some clinic offer you the higher cost, but if that clinic has good experiences in using laser device to remove hair and has some other good information for you, you better choose that clinic than other clinic that offer lower cost.

“The maximum cost of laser hair removal for your upper lip might run up to two hundred dollars per procedure.

Hair removal for the chin might cost one hundred fifty dollars per session and double that price for the treatment of a full-faced beard. The price for a hair removal session on the chest or the back of the neck will also cost you three hundred dollars. The price range for underarms can reach to two hundred seventy-five dollars and treatment for the full back can set you behind for about a thousand dollars.”

Laser hair removal’s costs commonly range from $100 per visit for smaller areas to hundreds of dollars for larger areas. The prices may differ according to the type of laser used. Sometimes clinic offer the treatment facilities that usually package 5 treatments of the same area together and they give you some discounted rates. Ehm sound interesting isn’t it? Teethy ....Also, it is very common to see deals that offer "buy one area get one half-off/free". You can also check with your medical insurance company to see if your policy covers laser hair removal because it’s not routinely covered. The cost depends on the number and size of the area treated, and the time required for the treatment.

So, there are variation laser hair removal’s costs that offer by many vendor, and by surface area and location treated. Packaging is very common for laser hair removal vendors and if you already choose the best clinic, just following each treatment protocol that recommended by your Laser Hair Removal clinic and be ready to get the best result!!! Terrific